“Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised.”

Denis Waitley

Turnkey Projects

Bepic carries out each project from the first study phase to the delivery of the finished project, as agreed and within the set deadlines. Here are the steps to follow in a project with these characteristics:

  • Market studies.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Marketing and sales strategy. Marketing mix and Retail marketing.
  • Creation of corporate image, stationery, etc.
  • Realization of plans and infographics.
  • Design and interior decoration.
  • Design and manufacture of custom furniture and provision of all those necessary elements.
  • Provision and replacements of the product.
  • Selection process and staff training.
  • Delivery of the project completely finished and ready to be used.


In this project, the market study was carried out, the creation of the brand image and logo, the design of the premises and the client’s choice, furniture manufacturing, logistics to the destination, civil works, assembly, provision and subsequent replacement of supplies, selection, hiring and training of staff and opening of the premises. 

Muankaban patisserie

Muankaban supermarket

Contract Projects

For those clients who need complete equipment with high-quality furniture and designs adapted to each installation, Bepic offers this type of project specialized in equipping spaces for collective use, both in public entities and in private companies, such as hotels, restaurants, government buildings. , sanitary facilities, commercial premises, etc. 


Leisure and restaurants

Equipment of buildings

Bepic designs the spaces according to the client’s needs: operational and executive furniture, meeting spaces, receptions, leisure spaces, archives.

Quality, experience and service are added values to the work of a great team of professionals. Spanish and European manufacturers with whom we have a close collaboration. All of them with different styles so that the client can find what best suits their needs.


National Bank of Equatorial Guinea 

Ombudsman Equatorial Guinea


Headquarters Muni S.A

Muni S.A shop

Interior Architecture

Redesign of existing spaces offering integral interior design solutions such as restorations or remodelling of a space with the aim of giving new uses to a building or part of it.

We always take into account the diversity of uses that can be given to buildings and / or spaces, rethinking the interior layout to give a new environment to the surface.


Interior design and decoration

Management and study of the spaces and selection of all the decorative elements that will be part of it, always adapting to the needs and preferences of each client, especially in private homes.

Private villas

Interior design in homes

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